Client: Flink
Work: Creative concept, package identity development

Flink is a young home care brand. Monami ADV was asked to help the brand effectively enter the market, standing out from the competition. We developed a bright and laconic design that would distinguish Flink among the household goods category and be memorable for the average consumer owing to its emotional positioning.

For the logo, the team chose a font solution with a soft, dynamic outline. It creates a feeling of lightness and is well read on any device.

Also the agency created a visual concept of packaging that revolves around vivid colors and fruit patterns. A sprig of mint is used for the green one, ripe pineapple for the yellow, and a bunch of mulberry for the purple. These three colors were used as the cornerstone of the color solution of the packaging: for each sponge, the corresponding color is the main, the other is used as complementary.

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