Client: Roshen
Task: key visual, packaging design, photo production for a line of cakes

Roshen is a leader in the confectionery industry. In order to successfully develop the line of cakes, the brand needed a spectacular packaging design — to rebrand existing SKUs and bring new ones to the market.

During this project, the creative team developed the architecture and concept of the line, made photos of the cake, created packaging design and key visuals for the campaign.

The main idea was to show the cake as if there were no packaging at all. To make it real we decorated the front side of the package with an image of a dessert with a cake slice, and on the side we showed all the layers. Chocolate drops, cherries, orange zest and nuts complemented the composition, emphasizing the taste of the cake and its freshness. Furthermore, these elements look like crumbs that appeared during cutting.

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