Client: Şölen Turkey
Trade mark: OZMO

Case Study: Brand Communication through OZMO Gift Sets at Point of Sale

Creating Magical Moments with OZMO: We created unique gift sets that became not only a product but also a platform for children's fantasies.
Event Focus: Our approach is focused on key moments in children's lives, such as "Back to School," New Year, and Navruz Bayram, to effectively communicate with the audience during these periods.
Global Adaptation: Our strategy considers the cultural nuances of diverse regions, ensuring successful product implementation in SAS, MENA, and North African countries. 

Engagement and Participation: We created the OZMO coloring project, allowing children not only to interact with the brand but also to express their creative ideas by venturing into the wonderful fantastical worlds of OZMO.

Visual Identity: Our gift sets not only contain products but also attract attention with their unique design and construction, making them desirable among children and their parents

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