Client: Danone Ukraine

Trade mark: Rastishka

Task: New Year interactive packaging design for Rastishka Dino-afternoon snack

Rastishka Dino-afternoon snack stands out among other children's yoghurts — its formula is enriched with calcium and vitamin D3 and the package consists of two spoonfuls of yoghurts and dinosaur-shaped cookies.

The brand contacted us to develop an interactive New Year packaging for the Dino-afternoon snack for attracting an additional audience of children from 3 years old.


Our team analyzed the market of children's products and came up with an idea to assemble a toy for the Christmas tree. We have prepared a whole series — a snowman, a tiger, a gnome, Santa Claus and a Snow Maiden, parts of which should be cut out of cardboard packaging and connected with glue.

It allows not only to entertain the child himself, but also to unite the whole family, which makes it a perfect activity for the New Year period.

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