Client: Unilever Ukraine,

Trade mark: Lipton

Work: Developing the new

identity concept

New times call for new songs and new audiences demand different from the products, that have been considered staple for generations. Now tea is not simply perceived as a warm beverage, preferable in a bag, so as to consume it quickly and on the go, but a refreshing and revitalizing drink, a healthy and conscientious choice. To tackle the new requests of the audience, Lipton reintroduced the Leaf tea line — centred around the superior quality and taste.

Thus the task was twofold: to stay in line with what Lipton identity stands for, while making it trendy and fresh. The answer to this task was our development of healthy and uplifting positioning, which included SKU naming and package blueprint design development.
After analyzing the market leaf tea we identified a trend towards experience positioning. The tea is no longer expected to be green or back, it is to tell the story of its origin or give an association. Following this thread, the naming for the six SKUs was created.

One of the key challenges faced by Monami Design team was to create a single package design blueprint for Lipton Leaf Tea that would work with different tea types, building the right consumer association with the line on its own and giving the visual info on each tea flavor. Responding to consumer feedback suggesting that people positively associate the leaf tea with nature and landscapes where it is grown the new package design had a strong association with the sun and nature.

The slogan for the Leaf line expresses that it is the tea we all know and love, but now in a new leaf form, thus drawing attention to brands endeavor to keep up with what its audience wants — a less processed and more natural tea option.

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