Client: RGBrands
Trade mark: А'SU
Task: brand book, 3d modeling, key visual development

Water producer A’SU came to Monami ADV with a number of tasks, one of which was the creation of a 3D model of a new bottle.
We emphasized the ergonomic design as well as the mountain-shaped shagreen, which is one of the key brand elements.
Besides, the team redesigned the label to highlight information about water consumption rates.
For brand book creation we systematized all available information about the company, selected fonts, and developed rules for using the logo, slogan and corporate colors. Every page and every element of the brand book conveys the spirit of A’SU, its mission and values.
Image of snow-capped mountains appeals to the origin of water, highlighting that its composition is as close as possible to thawed water, and is also enriched with useful minerals. Other visuals include teardrop shape, wavy lines, and a blue gradient.
An interesting challenge for Monami ADV was the development of a key visual within the A’SU promo campaign in the Kinopark cinema network. In order to attract potential audiences and create a fabulous mood, the team came up with a concept of fantasy and dressed the fairies in outfits with tasteful accents.
So one fairy received a mint skirt, and the outfit of the second was completed with a lemon wedge accessory. As for the bottle itself, we put it between the trees, emphasizing the brand's unity with nature.
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