Client: Mareven Food Ukraine
Trade mark: Rollton
Task: packaging design and naming for a new series of Asian tastes

To strengthen brand position in the global market, Rollton has launched a new line of tastes that captures the Asian spirit as much as possible. The challenge of the project was to create an unified mood and line style, but at the same time we should clearly separate the SKUs, highlighting the specifics of each of them.

The Monami ADV team came up with a minimalistic packaging design — a dark background with an Asian pattern that followed the shape of key ingredients. The composition is complemented by the image of a cooked dish with Chinese chopsticks.
For each taste we have developed its own color identifier and authentic ornament. For curry we chose rich orange color and Indian mandala, for fried chicken — burning red and dragon image, for tom yam — deep purple and shrimp-shaped curl.
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