Client: Novus Retail Chain

Work: Brand Engineering, Logo, Brand Design Philosophy and Concept

Reflecting the Masters of Taste mentality to ‘COOK as ARTIST, COOK with LOVE’ we created a brand identity that evokes the authentic, mastery and honest spirit of Novus Retail Chain – and its clients – found in every product of Masters of Taste.

Working in close partnership with Novus team, we transformed a tired category that had to stand out loud by introducing an innovative philosophy for Ukrainian retail chain market of culinary. Unlike other culinary categories, Masters of Taste is not bound by any limitations and therefore has the opportunity to be much more progressive.

MASTERS of TASTE is an indisputably creative and collaborative brand, we now positioned it to break new ground with an artful design and confidence to redefine the norm.

Inspired by the craftsmanship and carefulness of Novus chefs, we designed a logo and brand visual concept featured on every brand communication tool to form the core brand mark.

Meanwhile, bold typography, authentic illustrations and patterns are based on marks of hand-cooked products by Masters of Novus and have been transferred digitally to preserve a crafted aesthetic with a more modernised look and feel.

Masters of Taste Brand Communication Campaigns and Creative Art Photo Gallery, Video Commercials, Outdoor and In-store Communication has been created and produced by Monami ADV and Monami Production

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